Jade is in Kosrae, the easternmost state in the FSM. We will head to its neighbouring state Pohnpei. We were suppose to go to Chuuk, supposedly the best wreck diving spot in the world, before heading to Guam,(north of Yap), but we have been told that it's a dangerous place now. A nurse who went there for a conference last week, told a friend here that the hospital was full of patients hurt by sling shots using not stones but rebar. We'll definitely skip Chuuk.

Jade 在密克羅尼西亞最東面省份高樹圍。我們然後會到鄰省龐貝。原本我們打算先到速省(說是全球最佳沉船潛水地,有六十條日本戰艦於此沉沒)才向西北開往關島。但有護士上週去完開會歸來,說速省醫院滿是被人用彈丫射傷的病人,且彈丫用的不是小石塊,而是鋼枝。人們都說速危險,現在更甚,我們將避過速省,直往關島去。