Nancy's Diary (misspellings and grammatical mistakes are kept deliberately)

September 1st Tuesday 2009 10:00-10:25 

The strange thing about Koreans is their food flavour. Almost everything is relly spicy or not really spicy, and that is the problem.  Whitch is why I prefer Mcdonalds, here, I mean.

And I don't like spicy food, which means it's a hard life. 

We were sleeping over at a Korean's friends house. We were out until nine o'clock, dinner was spicy breakfast was spicy.


They have a little girl called Amy, she's very special because she's almost exatly my age!

Amy's brother is a boy called Daniel, he's just older than Molly.

September 4, Friday 2009

Yesterday we went to the maze, (Gimyouhg maze park) owned by Fred Dustin. Mum and I got lost But Molly got there in just ten minu

25th Saturday July 2009

Last night, we went to a tremendous show t a giant stage in BEXCO, I think it's annual, but I was ery surprised that the tickets were free, we saw at the least, 12 shows, actually i think that we saw 17 shows. the last ones were fascinating. The grand Finali would usualy be at the end, but his was in the middle of all the shows! There was a play about a coward turning into a doctor, but the most fabulus of them all, was the choir.There was a lady about 30 years old in an orange dress, her voice was beutiful, no irresisteble more like, there was also a really good violin player, he played in several songs withou anyone singing, there was also a Kenyan song wich was rather funny because the men kept on yawning after every word. After that, there was even more! a younger girl came on stage, her voice has very good too. he last one was called, It's time to say goodbye. She and another man came to sing it, it was spectacular.

22nd Wednesday July 2009

Earlier, Molly and i watched a piano song that a seven year-old made on YouTube. It was called : Shining Sea. it as a really nice song, I mean it! I liked the part at the end, it's exciting! like, dung dung dung du... somehow I don't really remember. anyway, about fifteen minutes ago, we saw the best eclipse of the century! It was so COOL!!! It was as if the sun were a moon shape!

Mom took some pictures of it, one of them is very clear:


17th Friday June 2009

The unfortunate thing is that we went there at low tide so we couldn't see it when it was prettiest, but, at least, we saw it.  

Well... we did see it at high-tide but we were outside it, so it wasn't as fun. Even if it was low tide at the O-Torii, it was still fun, because we got to walk to it.  

In the town Itzuhhara on the island Tsushima, there's a super-market, ti's not a ordinary super-market, it's called the red cabvbage It is the very, very, very best decorated super market ever

7th Tuesday July 2009

On Jue 25-26, we were on Shiraishishima, where we met and Aussie Guy and an American lady. They weren't married but obviously were really good friends.

The lady, who is called Amy, started the Moooo! Bar, and also has Moooo boats, and Moooo suits and tea sets!

We then went to Hiroshima, It's famous for the A-Dome. We went to the A-Bomb museum. it was rather interesting exept for the part which is talking about radiation, that bit was a bit creepy. then I read that a girl folded lots of tiny cranes because she had a sickness that she died of, she thought folding the cranes would make her better, and she was worng, her name as : Sadako Sasaki. She died of leukemia at the age of twelve. (Poor girl).

The A-Bomb landed on 1945, August, 6th, 8:15 am, a person that survied the bomb gave this sentence to the museum: On 1945, August 6th, 8:15, I saw a dragonfly flying past me, I was about to catch it when.... the next word is obvious, isn' it? It's  KABIUOOIY!!!!! Is that right?

When we left the museum, mom dad, Molly and I got a bit hungry, so we went to a empty resteront down stairs, dad ate curry, mom ate cake, (ENVY!) Molly ate chicken and chips, i ate a terrific bowl of beef and wou-dong! Yum!

After Hiroshima, we went to Miyajima. I really like Miyajima, because there are loads of . ....

WILD DEER!!! We got to feed them, see them and even pat them we took a big, big, big load of pictures back, and, Molly got a silver key ring.

Later that day we went to see it high-tide at the biggest shrine in Japan, we also went to the temple. It was the beutifulest temple I ever seen!

12th June 2009 Japan

Today we just left the Pacific Ocean, wich has been my home for so long. I'm even crying.

7th June Sunday 2009

Today, Molly was a nauty, naughty girl because she inched e and was bad when mom told her to d chinese, but I did my chinese well, so she let me have 2 tokens!


24 May Sunday 2009

Yesterday, we went to Panasonic ad a water museum I liked the water museum less than the Panasonic, why? Because...the ....Panasonic lets you play.....GAME...BOYS!



18th May Mon 2009

Today I'll be writing about last night, so, we wen to a Japanese restoront (witch I didn't like a lot at all) the food we ate there is called Monja Yaki (although, it nearly gave me a head-ache!)

May 5th Tue, 2009

Dear Journal,

before Chihi Jima, I forgot to write some-thing witch is that we stopped at Haha Jima (but only for one night)

Now on with my Jounal,

At Chichi Jima we had made a few Japanese friends called Sola, who and her little brother, the boy is mean because he kicks me and hits my head for no reason. 

In the care centre there's a very cheap second -hand shop, we bought many things from it.

Hachijo Jima, we did really boring things there, like, hold on, and um, dad went out with some guys, lets continue, like we stayed home and watched a movie (Planet Earth) and that was about it. 

But when we got to O shima we went to NON NATURAL HOT SPRINGS!!!!

(although, we were completely nude) It was sooooooo comfy, first we got to get a nice, warm, long, clean shower, then, into the fake springs we go. 'aaaaaah' said Molly, mum and I. (The next morning we left to mainland Japan)

That night we went out to eat at a Japanese restoront, the food isn't the best, but it's pretty good. When I woke up he next morning, (witch is today) the engine was on and we were heading for Tokyo1 And now, here I am, on the boat in Tokyo marina. Tha's all for now fellas, Bye,


April Sat 18th 2009 Chichijima

Today, I'm going to make it as short as I can because I had a long day. Lets star the story. So, we were going to get a ride on a boat, a big one. Because,a big Ferry ship was going Tokyo. On the big speed-boat we went to follow the ship. the crazy thing was, people would dive of the boat! Kio-san (Masa's wife) was/ is leaving on the Ferry ship on the next week! (To me, the boat ride was better) After that , we went to the super market o buy some crisps, choco and milk candy! Today was a very yummy day!


April 17th Friday, 2009

Title: Loads of turtles!

Nancy news:All wet

Today Masa san, his wife and us wen out exploring, but... on the way it rained, and poured on us. That's how we got ALL WET.

We left Guam eight days ago, now we're in Chichijima, a Japanese island. I like it there and we also met a friend that we knew in Guam, Masa san. (You can cut out he “san” bit, K?) Earlier, we went out together explore, unfotunately, it started to rain.. fortunately, we bought umbrellas. The best part of he rip was that we went o a turtle museum thingy, and, the best part of that was we got to feed two big-ish turtles there! The bad thing is, we are not allowed to touch he turtles.

A that place, we also saw little cute baby turtles, they were soooooooo cute!

There were huge ones, small ones, and medium sised turtles everywhere! Today was really fun!

April 2nd, 2009

Today I'm writing abou Awana. (Aproved Workmen Are Not Ashamed) It's such a funn plae, why? because you get to play games before you go inside and study verses from the bible.

If you go to Awana and you're two, you'll be put in cubies clubs. if you're six, you will be in sparks, if eight or 12, in T and T (Truth and Training). If you're 13 to 16 in treck. 

After studeing your verses, we go to the big room where you talk and get treats, Yum! Thas about it, BYE!

 March 11th, 2009

It has been a long time since I wrote in my journal. Now it's already 11th Mar 2009! I'd like to talk about sleep-overs first. Our first sleep-over in Guam was at Jade and Lily's house, It was so fun!

The second sleep-over, I was at Jessie's house, and tha was sooooo fun too, on that one I got to have ice cream from the ice cream truck! The 3rd sleep-over was also at Jessie's house, but with Molly, The next one was very special, Jessie, Kinsey, Natalee, Heidi and Casey came for a sleep-over! The fifth sleep-over was also special, cause Jessie came for one too!

A few days ago, we went scooba-diving. first we wen snorkling, then came the fun part. We.... OH! I forgot to say what peaple came to scooba dive! there was Jessie, Kinsey, Jade, Molly and me.

So lets continue. I'll tell you the gear first.

There were mask, tank, regulator, what peaple call octopus and some other stuff. there was a game at the end of scooba, you had to fetch a little orange circle with a silver star in it, there were two. The game was quite easy and I got one! After scooba, our teacher Mr. Randy and Hideko gave us popicles!

Tue 10th Feb 2009

I am writing about Saterday to Yesterday.

On Sateday, we went camping at a bully boy Logan's house, but we didn't spend a lo of time with him of course. We were with Jade and Lily that I mentioned last time. 

Most of the kids went coconut crab hunting that night, so me and Molly went too. We caught two coconut crabs, I spoted one but no body can reach it, so it exaped.

We stayed up very late that night and watched a bon fire that burned a big pile of dead Christmas trees. We were up till 1AM!!!.... and we were still eating marshalows. After all those perfect burnt marshmalowes, we wen to the tent and slept for a few hours then awoke to find us ready to leave, back in the car, on the road, at the yacht club, in the dingy and back on Jade.... and into bed

ok, lets talk about yesterday, we went to this place called GAIN and it was like being vets! There I met someone witch I thought was a vet, and she was!

7th Feb 2009

I think I'm very lucky, here in Guam because, we get kung fu lessons on every Tuesday and Friday with loads of friends! Wait a minute... I forgot to name them, their names are Jade and Lily Carter, Jessie, Kinsey, Heidi, Nadly and Casey Morits. Isn't that a lot of friends to have a the same time? But i's great for me!

BLUES BY THE BAY was on Jan 25 this year. hen I sold pictures, Molly sold Books and Kinsey made face-paintings. That was a realy fun day! The purpose was to raise money for the Club (Marianas)That was one of the funnest days of my life!

 I gave 50% of the money I earned to the Club!

(It was even on the radio the day before it.

2nd January 2009

Let's talk about everything we missed in my Journal. first, we went to Pohnpei, which had a huge, giant, gigantic, Mega ROCK as a land mark. It's called Sokehs Rock. 

Although, we are not in Pohnpei, but Guam, an American Island, very very modern, especially Tumon, With hotels the size of tall towers and twin tower sized clubs, Japanese, Chinese and Korean resteronts are all there, there's also underwater world but Planet Hollywood is a resteront. Tumon, in Guam, is a full sized city! But this is still not, the best, I forgot about Christmas and new year! We had a huge pile of presents on the table and I had a huge present in my stocking for Christmas, on New Year we had the bes countdown ever !!! Bu now 2nd of January, I'm just watching a black butterfly, and thinking about home while writing this, it's hard to believe it's a new year.

Thursday 27 Nov 2008 Thanksgiving (American) 2008

A few days ago we went to a waterfall filled with schrimp and eels. We went Fishing for them, and caught loads and load of shrimp and two eels! Then we cooked it and ate it all up, although our friends ate it.

Today we are going to Tree-lodge for a  pot luck to selabrate thanksgiving. I think it will be fun.

18 Nov 2008

We finaly Reached Kosrae after 11 days at SEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We saw that many children did not ride on canoes.... but .... on ......... a ..... piece... of ..... POLYSTYRENE!!!

When 4 little girls came ofer, we became friends real quick.

In Kosrae, there is a Mountain that looks like a sleeping lady witch is what it's called. One thing it rains a lot. So if you can see the sleeping lady it will rain, if you can't it's already raining (My dad's joke.)

6 Nov 2008

Today we crossed the EQUATOR!!!!!! I'm so happy about it that I'm laughing crazy!!!!!! We're having yummy dinner to selebrate as well!

1 Nov 2008

I'd still like to talk about things last time.

Veutumboso: In this place we met a Ni-Vanuatu kids names Kevin and Phillip, there was also Shana and Thelma, two very nice little girls. All four of them came to swim, othos came to. Just before we went to swim, mummy had made some cake, we all of course had some. It was delicious! One day we went ashore and saw a Dance called Dancing stone. I was very suprised he wasn't wearing nambas! Instead, a grass skirt, 3 red flowers on his head and a grass bouquet.

Sola: Here, Such an ucomfortable anchorage, way too bumpy for us, but we did go ashore. We walked for a long time to find an OPEN SHOP!!! Then walked and walked to a resort. Right after we left, it started poring with rain and we a got soaked, completely soaked !!! luckily we left the day after.

28 Oct 2008

in Banum bay we saw kastom Dancing with Olivia and Tomas. then we started visiting vileges the next day. we got back and swam with the two kids. when we left we coaut fish and we coaut two! the 2end one excaped.

Atchin : In here we where lucky because we got to watch movies and sit around all day long.

Luganvile: Aore Resort: there is a swiming pool in this resort and it is very nicve when I was swiming one day. i met a girl called Mollie. she is very good at swiming. one night a boat called Evellon Robets was dragging! Stupedly the guy was on another boat! But we finaly fixed the problem

Peterson bay: In this bay there is Wifi, we went on somthing called club it is a very fun game. we met two girls called Mary and aby both are way older than us! the two girls live on a boat , Ozz Magic.

 October 2008

On my Bday the two kid where called Olivia 11 years old and Tomas 9 years old. we played on deck that night and then wached a movie. the movie was Spiderwick. back in Port Sandwich we went ashore to ezekiel ("a self made priest') and gave him a bell. Ezekiel always wanted a bell and was so happy that he gave us cocomuts, pompomus, some strange veg and a few other stuff. I was very tired when I got back but could'nt sleep.

6 October 2008

the day after my Bday it is. oh, one little thing, when we were in Port Sandwich (it called that because peaple are sandwiches for sharks.) there are tiger sharks in port Sandwich. (really) ok, lets go to Banum bay. yesterday, It was my Bday! and we found out that there where two children here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!then today we went to a vilage, twe actuly. then, I think we are going to a custom dance.

1 October 2008

I am so Happy !!! and thats because today is my best friends Bday and In 4 days it will be mine!!! so I am very exited!!!

29/9 我們找到一隻小老鼠在船上,我們要捉牠啊!

22 September, 2008

Yesterday and the day before, we had a realy good kids day! Yesterday we had a very long walk and all of us had dinner on Jade!

When we where walking we saw a vilage, it was a very derty vilage but my farvorite thing in the vilage was four Adorable pupies!!! My favorite pupy was the smallest but I felt uncomfortable an we went back.

17 September 2008 Port Vila

Yesterday we went to a Birthday party. me and Hamesh put up our beech tent. I was having a private talk to Kate when Molly and the other firls kicked in to the tent. we went out and they took the tent!!! that wzasa the only thing that was very very bad.

12 September 2008 Port Vila

The First day We got here we met Vaotic Harmone and Neptune II. On these two boats were three kids, two of them Bden and Flecha on Caotic Harmone, Eliot from Neptune II. Eliot has a little sister Marina. there is Blue Heron where Kate and Hamish are. There is also Klinar bear with Lucus and Nina. But Caotic Harmone left so I thint there is only 7 incuding us (Me and Molly.) so we are the Magnifesent Seven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were named the Magnifesent Seven on the swimming day. We swam everywhere and even jumpet of the front! But now Eliot has left also. we are only the Magnifesent Six. We also had a  smaller swiming day, oh I had forgoton about Jamie. A old friend. He and Hamesh jumped from the roof of the cokpet! They thoult it was great!

One day we were going to a Museum. So I wanted to go. I was in the middle of school and another old friend came with her dog Shelly. I had school with Shelly and when it was time we went to the Museum. it wasn't very interesting so lets skip over to the sleep over when Kate and Nina comes over. Kate brout a big bag of pet shops, (that we played with all night long) and Nina broult her stuff. the next day Kate came for another sleep over!

Now I will talk about Yesterday. We went to Cascade, a waterfall were we can swim Cascade was biger than I thourt. in a few plases it was very deep. in some plases it was very shalow.

At Cascade we found a Cave. in the cave we thout it was very very deep. i could'nt touch the bottem. then it was time to go back on the way there, we found a realy cool water slide. I liked it so much that I went so many times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finaly we were walking back, got on  on the bus, and ..... strait back home!

This is the longest Diary I have ever done!

2 September 2008

Yesterday we went to a villiage called Erormango, there, lots of rockes on the beaches, many kids play spear the tree. Lots of shy grass as well. when I was on the rocky beaches, I threw stones into the water, I called it (who has the biggest splash?) I think it is very cun. I played it with Molly. finaly we where walking down the path, then we saw a gate so that the cows don't get passet. When we got threw the gate there was cow pat evry ware!!!!!

When we got ferther down the path we saw a big tree with speers on it. then I saw kids with speers in front of the tree!!! Wow! I thoult, I would like to try I tried many times but failed after a littls while it was time to go back.

29 August 2008

3 days ago (including today) we got from New Caledonia to Tanna Port Resolution. We met a little boy called Dylan, we met Dylan in Fiji. At 4 o'clock that day we went to mount Yasua, a very small volcano. we had a very long car trip. Just yesterday went to Lenical, also a very long car trip. yesteday night, we had an OK Feast. Today we saw a boy called Jaimy that we hav'nt seen for 2 and a bit years!

When I was on the volcano I was really scared. I even wanted to go back to the car alone! but I knew and had to wait! I was scared because the explotions, the smoke, the rocks and someone already died.

21 August 2008

Last night Lesly, Clair, Molly, Mummy, Daddy and I watched E.T together. before I thort E.T was scary, but now E.T is quite funny.

19 August 08

Today Victer's Father came and fixed something. Today I put too much bird seeds out. Today daddy fixed the toitet.

I'm reallysad because mum told me off.

18 August Nuwmea

News Report

Today is sunny and Molly is starting to be funny again. On with the report, nice and sunny and what a nice day. Bye.

16 August 2008

Tully and Ia, (the two girls) left Nuwmea the day before yesterday. Lesly went to a friends Birthday today. Oh, yeh, one thing, I have to....right My Jurnal toooday! It's actualy quite fun really.

15/8 大風有太陽

13 August 2008

Today a girl called Ia gets her plaster changed! (She has a brocen arm) She has a sister named Tully and is best at climing. these two girls have already became one of my best friends!

Yesterday, Ia had her 10th Birthday! We had a reallly big, I mean Really! big cake last night. we watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail. (that movie is very funny!)

11/8 New Caledonia, Noumea

前幾天,我們認識兩個新朋友。她們叫Ia 和Tully, Ia明天十歲, Tully 是八歲的。我們會砌Lego、看電影和玩公仔。她們是很好的小孩!

5 August 2008

A few days ago, Clair, Pascal, Lesly, Molly and I drove to a strawberry farm! I was expecting it would be big, but it was small. We could not pick strawberrys Free there but could only buy strawberrys. When we brourt some strawberrys we went outside to eat them. they were delicious! Lesly thort they were so good he at two at a time! thos strawberrys are one of the most delicous strawberrys I ever had.

31/7 前兩天, 爸爸要到水裏去, 因為有一個浮泡纏住我們的推進器!

22 July 2008

A few days ago we sailed away from Noumea and went to Ill de pins. Lesly and Claire came with us. The journey from bay de prony to Ill de pins made me very uncomfortable, but enjoying. That day I stayed in the cockpit all day. Me and Lesly made an F.S.E. club (Funny Sciense Experement) F.S.E. is fun because you make funny Science Experements, like having a glove on and put the hand that has the glove on in the water.

20/7 前晚,我的朋友來住一個星期。我們會到Isle de pines 看看。

18 July 2008。

Yesterdayk we borowed Lesly's mum's car to go to many places to buy thing for the trip to Il de pins. Lesly and Claire (his mum) are coming with us.

7/7 今天,我們從小小的Ouenghi遊艇會離開。

5 July 2008

Today is a very had day because it's overcast, windy and I think it's going to rain.

The day before yesterday, we went sailing on our old, little sailing dinghy in a small bay.

5/7 兩日前,我們在一個小忛船自由自在的遊來遊走。雖然我會覺得小小驚但是我都很開心。

30 June 2008

Today we went sailing to St. Vincnt. When I was in the room I got sea sick! It is not very bumpy but I have a headache. Mummy, Molly and daddy saw flying fish when they were out side.

28/6 兩天前,我們又要搬船,因為我的船下竟然有一隻沉了的船啊!

24 June 2008

The day before yesterday, I fell into the water on my bike. Today we ancherd up my bike. Today we are going with Lesly to town.

24/6 今天,我們的船從遊艇會不遠處錨。今天下午,我們會上岸跟朋友出街

23/6 昨天,我在踏單車的時候,不少心掉了進水裏。前天Lesly, Molly, Claire,媽媽,我到很大的滑水梯玩耍得很好。

19 June 2008

FINALY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Noumea, we are there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When we got here, we thorght we would not see a friend we saw last time we were here, his name is Lesley. he is very lucky because he has two Pirats of the Carabian lego ships, and they are the Black pirl and the Duchmum. Lesley is very very funny, why? he puts his hand uder his armpit and .....(a picture of him making bup bup noise)

   16 June 2008

Today I helped mummy on somthings and it is helping make egg tarts. There is one ufortunut thing that happend. it was my favourite fork fell into the sea, the good news is we will get to New Caledonia tomorow!

16/6 我們明天會到New Caledonia 了! 我覺得很開心啊! 今天朝早我幫手做蛋撻。雖然,蛋撻不是太美味,但是我也吃了一個。今天很不幸,因為我最愛的叉跌了進海裏。



15 June 2008

I made a Cafe today. It is very boring today.

My dad says my Cafe is a success! it is called nancy's Coffee Club. It is made of Special K cardbord box. The food is all FREE!!! I helped daddy and his friend Jim make some coffee. I love my new cafe.

15/6 我今天開了一間咖啡店,叫文思的咖啡屋

14 June 2008

We are still at sea and it is very boering sitting here so... nothing. My dad dosn't know when we'll get to New Caladoia.

12 June 2008

Yesterday we started sailing to New Caledonia. it was very bumpy last night so I coud not sleep.

9/6 昨天是端午香港裏,有人爬龍船。今天媽媽, 姐姐和我,做一隻爬龍船。

前幾天,我們從Dockside到Manly的時候, 姐姐和我在船的蓋頂上野餐。

2/6 布里斯本 Dockside

昨天,我,姐姐和媽媽踏單車到科學館見朋友。我們都覺得踏單車很好玩啊! 昨晚我的朋友Morgan來吃晚飯和,她玩了很多。

今天很大雨啊! 我覺得很悶。今天,遲些我希望可以踏單車啊! 遲些可以停雨就好了!

30 May 2008

4 days ago I went to the dentist, when we were driving there, I was crying and afraid. When I got on the dentist chair I felt non afraid and got used to it. Before I new it she had given me a filing! After the dentist went to yum cha. it was delitious!

And today, very boring, rainy, overcarst, bad school day and we made a small building yesterday

Thats all for today people.

26/5 今天我們到牙診所補牙。我多麼的開心啊! 因為牙醫幫助我把牙洞補好了!

25 May 2008

Yesterday we went to Story Bridge and walcked to China town. We took our scooters with us, we had a lot of fun. When we were in town we boght a toy dingo and a Australian flag.

The day befor yesterday mummy and Molly went to South Bank when stayed at Jade with daddy. I helped daddy with his work, help him get his stufe and write a book.

As for today I woke up played with Molly, watched a video, ate bechfast, brushteeth washface, change clothes, planned to go out and write my diary like now. Today is very sunny and almost no cloudes. loveley, absalutly loveley day.

25/5 三日前,我們到市中心的m商場逛街,媽媽說:「我可以買給你一份禮物。」 媽媽買了一隻Dingo狗和一支澳洲旗。

22/5 昨天,爸爸駕著 Jade,從Rivergate 到Dockside。

19/5 我要吃一個很大的叉燒包!




12 May 2008 Brisbane

It's very bouring today and I'm still doing home school. Yesterday we went to sunnybank and brout alot! we ate barbeque pork buns! We ate it for brecfast with chinese tea! it's actuly like dim sum.

11 May 2008 Brisbane

Yesterday me Molly mummy and daddy went to Nick's house for a night. Today, as we came back, we went to sunybank we brought alot! We got home and I was happy. Mummy told me and Molly to write our diarys, like now Daddy is asleap and it's 4:30.

11/5 昨天我們到Nick的家過了一夜。我們在回家途中到sunnybank 買了很多東西! 那裏好像香港一樣啊!

5 May 2008 Brisbane

I'm still doing home-school. I realy need to finish quickley. Witch means I won't right alot in my diary. Molly is doing science, she's reading her scence book. I had a very long beack time. but I'm glad I can finish quicker.


上個星期日,我們和Hedda, Marita在我的船上睡了四天。有一天Hedda, Marita帶我到一個小海灘吃晚食。

3 May 2008 Brisbane

Today my school went on very well. I was very luky because I got a super good token. Now I have 20 tokens. Theres are thing I sad about, whitch is that I miss my friends Hedda and Marita, Marita is my bestest friend. I miss playing with them. Molly is still doing home school, I'm going to wait till she's finished.

2 May 2008 Brisbane

Today my boat got hauled up. my boat will be hauled up for a few days. My dad's friends came to viset today. But it's good I finished school for today. i don't realy like home school, it sometimes makes me anoied. at least free from school!

9 Jan 08 Bundaberg

A few weeks ago I went to Taronga Zoo. The Zoo was huge! we went on a cable cars to and when we where on the cable cars we saw asian Elephents on the cable car.

20 Dec 07  Lake Haven

One day daddy sed we were going to Lake haven and it took two days to get there! when we got there we went to Barry's hous and IT WAS HUGE! He had a lift, two bathtub, 5 Toylets, 2 levils in his hous and 2 cars with a Little screen behind the car so the car wont crash. 2 days ltter we went to Retile Park there were kangaroos, crokadiles, coakas, Platypus, rock wallabis, tasmanian devile.

5 Dec 07

(The thig I least like is the slipway in Bundaberg but the thing that I like most is my boat.


Frieday 2nd November 2007

Yesterday I went to the aqua-rium, I saw a very big shark and I saw a small octapuss. I saw a sea tertle, two rays, buterfly fish, buge crab, lion fish, eals, nortilus, gloing coril, sea hores, star fish and sea snak.

2 October (Brisbane)

In three days it will be my...birthday! back in hong Kong I went to Toys r s I got a beautiful my little pony!...I wonder wot I'll get on my birthday:

birthday present choryses: anuthe my little pony, a littlest pet shop and a Torch but witch to toose?

Tusday 2nd October 2007  sunny  

Not long ago my big brother got married to kate Owens, she is a really nice girl I should say on the day of the marrig I had to do : I washed my hair and comed it, got dressed and went to the cheruch.

Thursday 20th September 2007  rainy  cotswold lowerfield farm

Yesterda I went to my brother's girl friend's and They are going to get married in two days. We were going to be brids maides and we were geting our dresis fited and...they were butiful! 

Tusday 18th 2007   sunny Aldershot England

Yesterday I went to London we went to the Natrale Histery museuim. My fraivrit part of the museum was the Dinsar calecshon. The dinosore boens where huge! There was so much to sea! In the dinosors celecshon we saw a model T-rex that moovs!

thersday 13th September 2007  Enggland  sunny/cloudy

Yesterday, I went to the park I had fun. at the Park and Today is my mum's birthday. Tonight we're going to eat Thai at a Thai restaurant. Today Mummy is 38 years old. And yesterday I saw anty Vera and she is aety sevin.

Tuesday 11th September 2007 Aldershot England london

Now I'm in Englend Aldershot. It's a verrey nice day today and it's relly suny and no clouds today and blue sky and I am happy that my bigerst bother is going to get marred soon!...Hooray!! Oh yes and my biget sister sharlet has a cute cuddly babby.   







Saterday, 8th September 2007

Larst night I saw fier flys and they glowed like stars. The leider who shoed us around put a fierfly on his whit worad, it wasn't fule grown yet and the lite of the fierfly was at the back of th fierfly.

Friday 7th September 2007

the day befor yesterday Molly went ... Wannhehehe! (ring n'cring wot a babbee she is i hate it when she's... WAHEHEHE!! I hate it !! But it was all abut her shoos. Now she wont me to write smale leters and smale words to... but why? Molly is in sain!

I bet you nowe wot in sain means dot you? but now Molly is Happy that she could ceep her shoos but I still hat it wen she gose... We he he he hipf hipf hipf!

thersday 6yh September 2007

Yesterday, I saw my frend Emily. I'm going to Emily's house for dinere tonight. so I've got to finish this Siary now! And when I played with my friend we played bubbles with my friend's bubble machine.

Wednesday 5th September 2007

Yesterday I saw my friends. I'm really happy and I went to Pizza Hut with them to. and I had Pizza Hut balune. I had lots of fun with my friends and play with the baloon outsid Pizza Hut.

Tuesday 9th September 2007

Boring, boring, boring, BORING. I hate mummy's homework. anyway I've got to finsh homework so hav time to play. Molly wonts a Tamagchy game and she is so fusy aout it and she inoring wen...I wont a Tamagochy game!

Monday 3rd September 2007

Next Sunday I'm going to Inglend for my bother's weding. I am sore geting redy for the weding. I'm realy icsitid. But I'm not really sore thow, about the weding. I mean, but I'm Happy.

Saturday 1st Septemder 2007  Hong Kong

I'M SO Happy I'm in China!! China is my home, China is my hoommmmee! And Chbina is the best home I ever had. Isn't it grat! I am just so happyee! I'm just so happy.

Wednesday 29th August 2007

Now I'm in Australia and I went to the Sydny opra House! The opra house was hyug but we didn't go inside. beefor we went to the opra house we went on lots of trains. But the Sydny opra house wasn't one house.... it was three houses!

Monday  August 27th 2007

Three days ago we got to Astralia on a plain. We are at Pall's hous daddy's friend. And Pall has two dogs in the nams of winy and Baron, there rely like puffball achly. The dogs are very very cute. aspeshaly Winy. But Winy is shiy.

Monday 13th August, 2007, Suva, Fiji

Three days agow we went to Colo-I-Suva forest.  It was so tiering, but it was quit nice.  There where lots of butyfull flouwers in the forest.  We went with Tiger too.  We went to a nice swing pull but it was ice cold!  Good thing we got out in a fiuw minits.

Friday, 3rd August

Yesterday we went to cost u less. There were lots of things.

27 July 2007, Suva

Hooray! I finly finishet the book Lady Lollypp!

The store is about a pig.  The pig's name is Lollypop and geting the title of Lady Lollypop.  The pig is a girl and it's a clever pig.

Monday 23 July 2007, Suva

12 days agow I saw Hedda and Marita.

22 July 2007  Suva

Yesterday I made friends!