Molly's Diary                  (misspellings are kept deliberately)                                 

Tuesday 1 September 2009 Jeju Island, Korea

 We went to Seoul for 6 days. It was quite nice. On the way to Jeju from Busan, we stopped in a few places, including what was left of this year's Dinosaur World Expo,

Here in jeju, we et the Pyo family: Peter, Judy, Amy and Daniel (English names ) They are a Christian family. We stayed at their house four nights, And shat did they have for breaky every morning? Kimchi. Lunch? Kimchi. And (surprise, surprise) what did they have for supper? KIMCHI.

 They have four dogs, two adults, 2 puppies Cuties!

Mr. Pyo runs a small summer school that helps your mind concentrate. I'm sometimes allowed to use the computers. I call the place, “the office”. Near the office is a playground, where I once played foot-baseball with 7-8 other kids, Foot-baseball is exactly like baseball except there's no bat and a football instead of a baseball. 

Anyway, I think that the Pyos have an interesting lifestyle. On summer holidays, they watch TV morning and night to catch their favourite programmes (most of the time they're doing something else, but still..) 

We went to Fred Dustin's Kimnyoung Maze yesterday. It was so fun! The maze itself wasn't too big, but it took me about 10 minutes to get to the silver bell Mum, Nancy and I split up after the first 5 minutes. It took N+Mama about 15-20 minutes to find the bell (Ha-ha) 

The maze is symbolic: Parts of the hedges are shaped like symbols. For example, part of the hedge is shaped like a pony's head, symbolising the Mongol invasion Hedge symbols can only be seen and recognised from above. After the maze, went to see the tiger butterflies in the large enclosure next to it. The butterflies were beautiful! And what's more, we saw a couple laying eggs!

Saturday 25 July 2009 Busan 

Yesterday, we went to the closing ceremony of the International Youth Fellowship World Cap 2009 We didn't know what the show was at first Sue, who gave us the tickets, said it was a cultural show. I bet she didn't know what it was. Anyway, when we got there, we went into a huge room, with over a hundred chairs at least, and on the stage, about 10 ladies in Thai outfits were doing a modernish, complicated and fast dance. I was amazed how good the dancers were! There were two more dances, both in which the dancers seemed to be wearing Korean outfits......(note: Molly's got carried away here and forgot to continue)

Wednesday 22 July 09   Pusan, Korea

Waaaa haaa haaa! We just missed the best solar eclipse of the century! I was looking forward to it.

Anyway, we saw the piano song Hibiki ( a 7-year old boy whom we met in Tannowa, near Osaka) made up for us, It was very beautiful and was called 'Shinning Sea' I saw an e-mail (that Sarah sent us after she saw the song on Youtube. She said that it was nice to have admirers. 

No! I was wrong! Just when I thought all hope was lost, Mum called and screamed, “We can see it, it's happening!” And we went outside ad , yes, there was a partial solar eclipse!


Tuesday 7 July 2009 Tsushima, Japan

When we were in Shira-ishi-shima, we met some chinese people who spoke Cantonese and an Aussie guy and a Yankee lady. They were called Paul and Amy. They made their own bar out of wood, painted the roof white with black blotches like a cow, and called it the Moooo! Bar, the first ever bar dedicated to cows.

In Hiroshima, we were in a large, flashy marina, right next to a Macdonald's and a cool outdoor shopping mall with an artificial stream of water running through it, with models of penguins and flamingos standing in the stream. We also went to a museum about the A-bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima, at exactly 8:15 am August 6, 1945. Hiroshima was flattened. The radioactive fallout killed thousands of people. One of those people was Sadako Sasaki. She caught leukemia when she was little. in hospital, she folded paper cranes with a hope of surviving. At the age of twelve, she died. Awful.

A few days later, we left Hiroshima and went to Miyajima, a place famous for the O-torii, and its deer. We went for a walk and we saw squillion of deer. We even fed them and patted them. We went to see the O-torri and we saw this big stag (for it's kind, which is not big) He was absolutely beautiful: big antlers, nice fur. You know. 

The O-torii was huge, the largest in Japan. It was made elsewhere then shipped to the bay, where it was erected in the water.

In Tsushima, we went to the mall there (it was very small for a mall) and went to the Red Cabbage supermarket, and it was easily the best supermarket I'll ever go to It was an average supermarket for goods, but the décor was amazing! On top of one of the racks was a smallish model of a huge shark biting a ship (JAWS) and on another rack-top, a Jurassic Park gate (a small model, of course) and a T-Rex head, and an almost-life-size sauropod tail and legs, Then you keep walking along and you'll find a veggie band and beautiful wall murals and a life-size fake tree, complete with plastic apples and birds. 

I loved the place.

Sunday 24 May 09 Tokyo, Japan

Today, nearly a hundred orphans came to Yumenoshima Marina. Apparently, this is an annual thing. So we got to the clubhouse for the marina at 9 am for the opening / welcoming ceremony. Actually, I think the ceremony was listening to speeches said by these old guys.

After the ceremony, all the orphans went on powerboats. I went on a powerboat with a few other kids and Mariko, me and Nancy's voluntary translator of Japanese. We saw a fisherman taking up his net full of fish. After 25 minutes, we went back to the marina. I hiked back to the boat to find that no one was home. I found my family in the marina house. There were some activities to do. I made some balloon things: a sitting rabbit, a sword, and a shield. I also played a game and won a figurine of three owls on a branch.

After a while, we went back home. Soon people came to take a tour of jade, including orphans. Once, a lady came with ehr black 1 1/2 year old Toy Poodle (A REAL poodle) called Chula. She was SO CUTE!!!! I got to hold her several times. She was also wearing a T-shirt.


Tuesday 5 May 09 Tokyo,Japan

In Chichijima, we met a girl called Fuu. She introduced to us a few other girls too: Sora and another girl whose name I'd forgotten. We went to see them play soccer at their primary school before we left. They were nice.

Mrs Yamada had a myna bird which can talk. It can say things like aligato, konnichiwa, ohio and 'hi'. it was a super-clever bird!

After Chichi, we went on our way to Oshima, but we were very slow and decided to go to Hachicho Jima. We only stayed there 1 night but we made friends with some American guys. Masa san was here. Dad, Masa, and the Yanks went out for a manly dinner, while mum, Nancy and I were left at home.We had dinner and watched a movie. The movie was Planet Earth.

We arrived in O shima after an overnight. it was a nice place. People from the Tokyo Yacht Club and from the marina were on holiday there and they came to meet us.

Later that day, we went to a place where people can go to relax in a hot bath! We went there with a bunch of Japs, all men. Dad and the Japs went to the men's tub, and we went to the Ladies'. The hot tub was built into the ground and was large. There was a small Jacuzzi next to it. We didn't have the tub to ourselves. First, we had to have a shower. (For the hygiene of the water in the tub) It was so very comfortable and refreshing to have a hot shower + bath and to be clean. We were there for about 45 minutes - 1 hour. Then we went for supper in a little restaurant. When we were on our way back to the boat, Dad bought me and Nancy a pack of Oreos to share.

From Oshima, we did a day-sail to Misaki, a town at the end of Tokyo Bay. We stayed there for an overnight. It was a very Japanesey place. Old Japanese buildings everywhere, but it was charming. We went out to dinner at a Japanese restaurant. The food was *really* good, especially the chicken-skin-on-a-stick.

This morning we left Misaki to come up here to Tokyo. it took about 5 hours. Fortunately, it was calm with the exception of passing power yachts. On the way up. I saw LOADS of tall buildings. I also saw 2 Ferris wheels! We went under a bridge and came to this marina. So far, my day has been good as ever!

Friday 17 April 09   Chichijima, Japan

Well, we are in Chichijima. We left Guam 8 days ago. We arrived in Hahajima the day before yesterday. We spent the night in Haha, and we came here yesterday. We checked in and everything yesterday. Today we went to a dive shop called Kaizin, owned y a lady called Mr. Yamada. then we took a walk and come by a turtle breeding and research place. It was quite cool. (it has live adult and infant turtles and tortoises. It also had a sound recording of whales that you can listen to, and a real whale skeleton.

Next day, the cruise ship Ogasawara Maru, not way too big, from Tokyo, was leaving and several speed and power boats followed the ship out for some way, to see her off. Masa san and Kyo san came with us. We went onboard the really cool power boat called Miss Papaya. Nancy and I had to wear life jackets. We waited a while for the Ogasawara Maru to leave the dock. When she did, we followed her like the other boats. One of the boats, called the Fish Eye, followed. After a while, a couple of people onboard the Fish Eye actually jumped off the boat. Soon after the episode, the Fish Eye went back to the harbour, and so did all the other yachts. Soon, we were the only BOAT left! After a while we had to go back too.

It was a great day!

Wednesday 11 March 09  Guam...Where America's day begins

A few days ago, Randy and Hideko, who live aboard SV Swinging on a Star (which is exactly the same as Quantum Leap) taught Kinsey, Jessie, Jade, Nancy and I how to scuba dive. Everyone, including parents and the other kids, went to Ypao Beach, in Tumon Bay. We swam for a while before the lesson started. The water was very clear, so I swam to where my feet was only a foot of the bottom, no more. Soon, Randy and Hideko had all the scuba gear ready. Randy helped the five of us get the suit with the aqualung attached on the back. Randy told us what to do and he told Kinsey to give an example of how to put on the mouthpiece (regulator) and to show us how to breathe, which is slowly and deeply.  The pressurized air in the tank was cool, and breathing it was very comfortable for me.

I swam for a bit with the tank on my back. It kept falling to my sides so I always had to nudge it back up. Meanwhile, I sared a huge school of garfish which trapped me earlier (serves them RIGHT). Just ethen, Randy called, saying we had to take off our gear and rinse off.


By the way, we were each given a certificate saying Congrats, this is your first time scuba diving etc. And a lollipop!

Tuesday 10 February 09 Guam

Last Saturday, we went camping in the large yard of the HUGE home of the boy Logan and his family, like many other people. We are camping with Jade and Lily. We were camping here because Logan's house was next to a large beach, and on the beach there was a Mexican  (or so I think) party being held where all the dead Christmas trees were being burnt to a ball of fire catapulted at it (using a catapult). Then they'll let the trees burn, making a bonfire. Then everyone eats. I LOVED the chocolate muffins! I crammed my mouth with them!

The catapult bit was fun. The people placed the pile of trees built 60 ft. away from the catapult. The people catapulted a ball of fire 3 times before the fire hit the trees. When we went back to the camping area, we played with our new friends Leia and maddie, who were both younger than Nancy (but older than Nancy mentally). Until the Coconut Crab Hunt began. At least 15 people joined the hunt. We saw lots of big hermit crabs, and caught a few coconut crabs, which weren't very big. We walked for 0:30 until we got to the beach. A little later, some people went out onto the reef (for it was low tide) to catch octopus and squid and stuff like that. I didn't go, nor did Jade, Nancy, Lily and our parents, except for Sommer.We merely got up and stayed next to the fire chatting and roasting marshmallows.

Saturday 7 February 09   Guam USA

About two weeks ago, on 25 January, we attended a party at the yacht club here celebrating it's 40th year in existence. The yacht clubs called the Marianas Yacht Club.

At the party, there was a lot of people. Other members of the club had set up a tent where they serve food. A Blues band was coming to perform here after in the afternoon. Meanwhile,Nancy (Mum and I made a little store where we sold pictures (handmade). Chinese New Year lucky red paper and my book, which I think was our most popular product! 

Soon the Moritz family, with 5 kids arrived. Their eldest child, Kinsey, age 11, was next to us doing face-painting. 60% of all the money I earn goes to the yacht club. This whole function was for fund raising.

There was also a kids prize draw. The prize was a huge foam cowboy hat. All kids under age 12 gets a ticket, and whoever has the right ticket gets the prize. Heidi, the youngest of the Moritz, who is 3, got the hat which was too big for her. 

Tonight, we are going to a party where people burn the old Christmas trees. Then we are camping with them in a big 8 person tent. I'm so excited, because I've never been camping before.

27/11/08 Thursday  Thanksgiving

On Sunday, we and a group of English, American, and Japanese friends went to Sipyen Falls to catch shrimps and eels. it was a fairly short walk up to the falls (after a long car trip)

We caught shrimps in Ziploc bags with bits of tuna as bait. We caught hundreds of shrimps! and a couple of eels. The big eel escaped twice! Chikako (a Japanese woman) caught the same eel two times! (the escaping one) But we managed to get hold of both eels. Unfortunately, I didn't catch anything! Daddy tried to catch a shrimp as long as this line:

------------------------------------------Big, eh?

We stayed here for a couple of hours. it was really cool!

The next two mornings we went to visit the high school. Regina, an American in the group of friends, teaches Mythology. We made speeches in her class about our lives. I find this embarrassing,  'cause all these students are older than me. 

6/11/08 Thursday Just crossed the Equator

Nov 4- According to Mummy, Daddy was resting when Mum saw a wriggling thing 2 feet from Dad's head. She thought the rat was back then realised it was a flying fish. She said to him that there was a fish next to his head. Mum said he immediately jumped up!

Nov 5- last night was very calm. Dad said we can lye on deck and look at the stars. We all (except Nancy) went up to the trampoline. Me and Dad laid down, while Mum came back and forth.

Nov. 6- I woke up at about 6 this morning. I was up for a while when Dad said that he saw a whale 15 minutes ago. I didn't see it.

P.S. (when we were watching the stars, we also saw a pod of dolphins.)

2/11/08 Sunday 2 days from Nauru

On Tuesday we left Sola to go to Kosrae, Micronesia. On the first day, it wasn't very comfortable. But I managed to take a nap. On the 2nd day, I threw up. Day 3 was Halloween, Nancy decorated the saloon for this. I had a temperature and a cold. But I had a cool shower and Panadol. We watched a movie too. Starting from Halloween, the water became quite calm, and there was no wind. Today, our speed and the wind picked up a lot. I got up at 6 o'clock in the morning. Half an hour later, I heard a helicopter, and it was getting closer at a very fast rate. Then I saw the heli. It was 5 feet from the surface of the water and no more than 30 feet away. it was red with a big white eagle on both sides. it circled us several times, then flew away. Daddy said to big ship's have been seen on our radar. D thinks that this American heli can\5me from those ships. We also saw a 150 foot long fishing boat.

I've started reading a book called Magicians' Guild. It's good.

P.S. We're going downwind.

1/11/08 Friday On the way to Kosrae, Micronesia

After Banam Bay, we went to Aore Resort, Luganville. Aore was nice, with a swimming pool and small restaurant. The restaurant served excellent food. We took a ferry from Aore to town. Luganville was rather scruffy, but there was a couple of nicer shops if you started walking left from the dock. We met some Chinese people owned a store. We bought a rat-trap from them, just in case. We later bought a cockroach-catcher too.

After 4 days in Luganville, we went up to Patteson Bay, a cyclone anchorage. There were plenty of boats there. There was also a tiny resort called Oyster Island Resort. its main building faces directly at us. But what I think is the best thing about it is it has free wifi!!! Which means I can play Club Penguin whenever I want. I made a new penguin for myself. She's called Ella Mariale. I even got her a puffle on my very first time playing her. I named him Puffy. Nancy's penguine, Ariah101 was our first penguin. Her Puffle's called Aaron.

We met a boat there called Ozz Magic. She was a big cat, very new. there were two girls onboard. They were called Mary and Abby. They were 13 yrs old.

Thet went ashore everyday to used their computer, like us. Before I created Ella Mariale, Nancy and I would fight over who would play her first. Once, when N won, Abby, taught me a game, a computer game called Neopets. you create your own magical creature. I created a eyrie (similar to a griffin) called Lorex 1999. She said I can play Neopets when Nancy play Club Penguin. Abby also said that Neopets was very addictive. But I preferred CP.

We move to the outer anchorage so the next day we can go to Gaua. Wind Pony and Holokai came over as a get-ready-to-leave party. But something really bad happened that delayed us for 2 days. While Angela came down from the top seat, she slipped and dislocated her shoulder. She had to be taken by dinghy all the way back to OB Resort and she was driven to Luganville the following morning, on which we moved back into the resort anchorage.

6/10/08 Monday Banam Bay, Vanuatu

A few days ago, we were in a large, very sheltered bay called Port Sandwich. We were anchored in the innermost anchorage. The other boats that were with us were Quantum Leap, Cool Bananas, Holokai, us and another monohull called Wiikiri.

When we were there, we met Ezekiel, a local self-taught priest. he was very old but despite that he built by himself, a small concrete chapel. Everything he needed was inside the chapel, except one item. He wanted a bell to hang outside so he can ring it for church-time. We happened to have had a bell. We never touched it in 3 1/2 years! So we told Ezekiel about it, and he got excited and asked us to come to his church tomorrow. So we went the next day, all of us, including the other yachts, to the chapel. Ezekiel was going to have a session, but before he did, we hang the bell up outside the chapel. Then we had the 1 hour long session which only consisted of singing songs. After the session, we took a few pictures with Ezekiel and his family. I patted their dogs. Soon we went home.

Yesterday was Nancy's birthday. We thought that there will be no other kids at the party but that was not true because that morning a boy and a girl came over. Their names were Olivia and Thomas. Olivia was 11 turning 12 this month, and Thomas was 9 1/2 and was 4 days older than me. They were from a boat anchored in front of us called Momentum. It was such a wonderful surprise to see some kids around. At first, we only played card games, but then we wanted to go swimming.So Livie and Tom went back to Momentum to get their toggs. We swam for 45 minutes to 1 hour. Then we all had a hot water shower. Olivia said that she and Thomas both haven't had a hot water shower for 6 months. When we were dry, we played some more card games.

At 5 o-clock, Holokai, Quantum Leap, Windpony, Cool Bananas, and O&T's parents came for Nancy's Bday party. Nancy's cake's top layer was vanilla cake, the bottom part was chocolate cake, and there was apricots on the vanilla, and cream in between the choc and van.layers. Nancy, turned 8. Here presents were: a comb with a mirror, a bag with jewellery and make-up, a remote-control helicopter, glow-sticks, and an old bag with a necklace and bracelet from me. We played a game with sticks an deck,. Thomas got a bit pissed off with the game, though.

Nancy's birthday was an excellent day.

25/9/08 Thursday Port Vila

Yesterday, I got freaked out (I mean really seriously) for the first time this year. it happened like this:

Yesterday afternoon, Hamish called us. He said that we were all invited to ride on a jetski. We were still doin school so we said that we'll finish at about 1:30. He said ok.

At 1:30, Hamish come to pick us up (Daddy wasn't here) Kate was with him. In no time at all, we were at the Resort beach. We had to wait because other people went on the jetskis first. Me and Kate fried to swim out to Windpony while were waiting, but I was scared when we got to deep water. When it was finally our turn, we went on the red jetski. In fact, we didn't exactly ride a jet ski, but on a large, inflatable biscuit tied onto the back of the jetski.

It was very exciting at first, also partly because I've never touched a jetski in my life.

We were ouside of the moorings when we heard a loud CLANK. The jetski's starter broke down! At first, we thought we were OK and that the driver will fix the starter, but he said that he cannot fix it but also that some will tow us back very soon. He was wrong. Half an hour later, we saw another jetski with two people on it. They asked what the matter was and then when we told them they said that they will get help after their round. Then they left.

We were floating out to sea a little under 1 knot. Then, a fishing boat came into the harbour. We screamed and waved for them to come and drag us. But the fisherman had loud music on and thought we were just waving and having fun, so they waved back and kept on going. After that, even Hamish was scared. 20 minutes later, a local trimaran called Sea Spring saw us and dragged us halfway back, because we were pulled by a local longboat the rest of the way. Soon we were back at the beach. Ahh, safe at last, we all thought.

17/9/08 Wednesday Port Vila

Yesterday was Kara on Magnum's sixth birthday. It was a lot of fun.

We went to the party at 1 o'clock. Storm and Fern on Dandelion were already there. Dandelion's crew and captain was South African! But they weren't black! Storm and Fern were girls. Storm was 10 turning 11 soon, and Fern was about 6. Soon Blue Heron arrived. Snacks were soon put down on the mat. All of the food was delicious!

Soon, we played a game: treasure hunting. Ouvea, Kara's dad, planned that game. We had to look for clues, the clues help direct us to the next clue. I was thinking I wouldn't be one of the people who will find some clues. In the end, I found the treasure. I carried the box back to our shelter tent (Mummy put it up earlier) We had to wait for Fern because she got a thorn in her foot. When everyone was ready to see the treasure, me and Kate carefully lifted the lid, and guess what was inside.... TOYS!!! little figurines of sea animals! Everyone got at least one or two. Afterwards, we had the cake I didn't have any.

Then, we played another game. Ouvea brought a small box of flour, a plate, and a very small wine glass. Ouvea filled the glass up with flour and put the flour on the plate making a nice semi-oval. Then, he gently pepped a green plastic ring on top of the pile. Then, he took out a knife. So, the goal of the game was to cut a piece of flour off the pile without knocking over the flour. Any person who knocks over the pile ahs to PICK UP THE RING WITH HIS OR HER MOUTH!!!!

I forgot, we played another game before the flour game, which includes chocolate.

This game is started like this . A lady called Angie turned the treasure box over, and put a piece of Rum and Rasin Cadbury's chocolate and a knife and fork on it. Then she took out a scarf, sunglasses, and a cap out of her bag. She said that we take turns rolling a dice. if he/she rolls a 6, he/she must put on the clothes as quick as possible and eat as much chocolate as he/she can. But he/she can only eat one square at a time. While he/she is trying to eat, the others try to roll a six. Some people end up eating no choc at all!!

I loved this party. I had so much fun. P.S. ( I got a walrus called Walter, and a sealion, called Shannon (Figureines)

12/9/08 Friday Port Vila

前天,我們的老朋友Marjetka(她是大人)來Jade。我們很久都不見過她。她有一隻狗,叫做Shelley,牠是5歲。我很愛她。我還和牠做功課呢!!! Shelley有很多毛,很可愛啊!

Three days ago, Jamie from Esprit, Kate and Hamish from Blue Heron, Nina from Kleiner Bar, Elliot from Neptune II, Nancy and I had a swimming party on Jade. We set up the beach tent on the front deck. At first only Jamie was here, then we called the others We couldn't think of what to do at first. but then we all started to feel a little hot, then we came up with the idea of going for a swim. We had lots of fun. At first Elliott can't come in because she didn't have any toggs (swimsuits) with him. But either Kate or Nina accidentally knocked him into the water. He swam with us for the rest of the day in his clothes. Fortunately, his parents saw what happened and quickly brought over some clothes for him.

We had a nice long swim, then my mum said she was going to make some snacks and put them in the tent. All of us rushed out fo the water and waited for the food to come. Soon, mummy came outside with a chocolate cake, crisps, organge juice and coke. We all ate like pigs which has been starved for a week.

Soon, we all felt like watching a movie, so we all dried ourselves and picked a movie. I think it was Crocodile Dundee 2. The Spanish word for crocodile is "crocodrilo"

Just for that day, us 7 kids came to be known as the "Magnificent 7"

The next day, Hamish and Jamie came to swim again. Hamish actually jumped off the cockpit roof! Then Jamie joined him. But after a while, Jamie's parents came to pick him and Hamish up.

Soon after they left. Nina and Kate arrived. (They were having a sleepover here). Elliott asked if he can come over and play. We said yes to that. In the end we watched "Crocodile Dundee 3". Kate brought her huge collection of Littlest Pet Shop.

But before that on the same day, our old friend Marjetka and her dog Shelly came over to visit. We were in the middle of school and we were allowed to work with Shelley. Jamie came over in his kayak and I introduced him to Shelley. he liked her. Later, the Magnificent 6 (Elliot didn't come), went to the museum with my mum and dad. It was full of facts about Vanuatuan culture, even disgusting ones like the stretching of heads. There were several statues of men with their willies (sick!) sticking out. There was also a large glass case with birds and animals in it. but all of the animals were stuffed. My favourites are a peregrine falcon and an albatross.

Yesterday, we (Wakalele, Esprit, Kleiner Bar, Blue Heron etc.) went to a place called the Cascades. it is a network of step waterfalls, started by one big waterfall. The big waterfall falls into a pool. That pool is about one meter deep at one end, 2 meters deep at the other. Water from the pool washes down smooth and steep rocks. There was hundreds of pools and the Cascades stretch for a long way.

It took about 15 to 20 minutes to get from the marina to the entrance of the Cascades, 15-25 minutes to walk from the entrance to the big waterfall, and we only stayed up there for 15-20 minutes!!! But it was a lot of fun. At the entrance, there is a large pool. There are fresh water fish in that pool, but we didn't swim in it. Oh, by the way, just a few pools below the top pool, there is a pool which I call the "jumping pool", because there is a round smooth rock in which I slide halfway, down it, then I kick off with my feet straight into the pool! I did it again and again. I loved it so much! But before I knew it, it was time to go home.

8/9/08 Monday Port Vila

About a week ago, I met a boat called "Chaotic Harmony". There are 5 people living onboard. 2 adults and 3 kids. The parents' names are Katherine and Gavin. The kids are Estelle, 15, Baden, 11 and Fletcher, 6. They have a huge cat. 16 years of age, called Tusca. it's a boy.

Chaotic Harmony is an Outremer catamaran, about 46 feet long. Estelle, Baden and Fletcher sleep in the port hull, wile Kathy and Gavin sleep on the the starboard side. The saloon's pretty big, and a large TV which can connect to their computer. Tusca has his own little corner for sleeping.

Fletcher has tonnes of Lego Plus, he has three big Lego boats: (City Lines, 777 and some strange red boats. We used to play with that Lego everyday. They also have a swing, which is actually a rope, but it was so cool.

Baden, Elliott (from Neptune II) and I normally played a spell game. We pretend to be witches and wizards and we each control one element. Baden was Earth, and his powerfullest magic was Treemay, where trees turn into huge arrows. Eliott, I think, was fire. I was star and my 2 most powerful powers was Isenorio, which combines all my powers into 1 huge powerball and shoots straight at my opponent and Starfall 2, in which lots of stars surround one huge star and shootsdown on my enemy.

Chaotic Harmony's gone now. They've went to Tanna. Then there're gonna go on to New Cal and Australia. I will miss them a lot. Oh, by the way, Baden gave me a nice bow. 

1/9/08 Monday  Port Vila, Vanuatu

We came here from Erromango yesterday. I have to say Erromango is the most lovely place. The anchorage was calm. Quantum Leap was nearby.

Yesterday, Q.L. and us went to visit the village there. it was very cute, and the people there were real kind.

We put the dinghy in a little river. I liked the river a lot. We met Jason, who, I think, is the son of the village chief. We walked with him around the village and it's surrounds. The huts were small and dingy, but stronger than the ones in Tanna.

When Captain Cook landed on Erromango, the islanders gave him a coconut and said, "Erromango." which, apparently, ment 'Good' in the local language. Cook, thinking that Erromango was the name of the island so he called it that ever since.

We walked on, and we saw a young cow and lots of baby chicks. Soon we got to a fence and it looks liktn this...(she drew a picture here)

Then we saw a place in the river where lots of rocks make a sort of a dam. Several women were on the rocks doing their washing. I loved the look of the water so much and I begged Daddy if I could go down to the rocks and coo my feet in the water. he didn't answer me, so I looked around. Then I saw that the kids that were following was throwing sharpened sticks at a tree, like a javelin at a target. Me and Nancy tried, but unsuccessfully. Finally, Daddy said I can go down to the rocks and play. I wanted to go to the other side of the river, but I soon got to a wider part of water and I just can't get across, so I went back to dry ground. To soon, Daddy said we got to go back. What a day!

29/8/08 Friday

The day before yesterday, we arrived here at Tanna, Vanuatu. We met up with Quantum Leap, Windpony, Holokai and Moet. That very evening, we went to Mt. Yasure, and active volcano on Tanna We went there on a pickup truck. Many other people came too. Yasur is covered and srrounded by sand. When I saw the first explosion, I was afraid to walk up to the summit to watch more burning debris fly 100 meters into the air. In the end, I stayed up there for at least 20 minutes. The last explosion I saw was really big, but no lava. Then Daddy and I ended up waiting for the car with Angela.

Next day, we woke up at seven o'clock so we'll be able to catch a pickup to Lenakel. It took 2 hours there and 2 hours back. When we were there we went to the bank, immigration, customs and a few stores. Lenakel is rather dingy, but it has everything the villagers need.

When I woke up and looked out the window this morning, I saw a new boat. She had the name Esprit on her and I saw a boy, about 11 years of age, on her deck. it was Jamie! We saw him last 2 years ago in the Marquesas Archipelago. We went to meet them immediately. I was very happy to see them again.


明天,我們到Vanuatu。在海,上我常常會看書,但我都是很悶,和到Vanuatu 的時候會是很早的。




24/8/08  5:30pm

我們現在離開Noumea了。明天要Vanuatu, 我很不開心,我再出在不是太舒,我很肚餓啊,我要吃豬肉啊!


現在Lesly 和Claire在外面做功課,但我做完Calvert 了。 妹妹現在要很快做完她的Calvert 了。


我和妹妹昨天和Victor和Marie見面。我們今天一定會和Lesly見面,所以不會太悶吧! 我要吃早餐啦!


Yesterday, we went to Lesly's boat to play. Elian, Lesly's French friend came a bit later on. We watched Lesly play his Gameboy all morning. When Claire came back, she wasn't very happy, so we stopped and played a board game about the Lord of the Rings. Me and Eelian were on one team, and we shared the good guys. I had Gandalf, Boromir, Legolas, and Aragorn. Elian ahad Frodo, Sam, Pippin, Murry and Gimli, Lesly and Nancy shared the bad guys. Today isn't as exciting as yesterday. We have yet to see Lesly, because he is at a birthday party. BORING DAY TODAY!



昨日,Waterwynch從Noumea走,我很不開心, 因為我們和Tully 和Ia做了很好朋友。



Ia's Dragonfly is her best present, at my point of view.

On the day of her birthday, we all woke up very early. We opened all the presents, put up the new tent for a while, tested the Dragonfly, then went to the Aquarium. My favourite thing there was the big white ray.




12/8/08 今天是Ia 的生日。她收到了很多好玩的禮物。她今天十歲了,所以她很開心,我也很開心,因為我可以用全個日來玩。



在遊艇會,我們認識了兩位女兒,是九歲的Ia和八歲的Tuly。前晚他們在Jade過夜。昨晚,Tully, Ia和我們的朋友Lesly 在Jade上看電影。這個電影是功夫,是有周星馳的。

明天是Ia的生日,我打算給她一本 Golden Compass 書和一包薰衣草做禮物。




我們的朋友Lesly和他的媽媽阿Claire和我們一起Iles de Pins。 l和妹妹是很好朋友的。他是少少高過,我但他是8歲,我是9歲。他有個Game Boy, 很好玩的。


我們幾天前中(終)於用了我們的小忛船。這隻忛船仔是我們一年前在紐西蘭買的,所以我就用「中(終)於」這兩個字! ,我,爸爸和妹妹都想叫船仔"Amazon",因為我和妹妹想做小海盜。


我們幾日前要搬船因為我們的船下竟然有隻沉船! 但我見不到。





Lesly, Victor,妹妹和我前天去Kuendu Bay  的滑水梯,很大和很好玩的

19/6/08  Noumea

When we got here, I thouhgt we were not going to see Lesly again, but that was not true. His mum was passing our dock and spotted us. We found out they were very close to us, only a few docks away. Unfortunately, Lesly goes to school and school here is very long.

Weather Report Paragraph:

Cameron McRoberts reporting: "Today is hot. I say HOT! No clouds, a rare breeze, and the very ,very rare wind. Sorry, that's it for weather report paragraph."

Jim went snorkeling an hour or two ago. i wanted to go with him, but Mum said I had to do school!

16/6/08 Monday  Arriving at Noumea tomorrow

Today is just another one of those lovely sailing days. Mummy made a lot of egg tarts. They were not bad but it wasn't as crunchy-skinned as the real ones. And now, another Weather Report Paragraph:

Mary Nanmachi reporting: "Hello! Now you are all wondering where Cammy went. She has gone to her father's funeral. That's why I'm wearing black. Now for the weather: Wind are 8 knots, very unlikely that it would rain. Not much weather really. but that's all for now. Bye!

Nancy accidentally dropped her favourite fork into the ocean, so I gave her mine.

我們明天就會到新客里多尼亞了! 我很高興這次旅程很平靜。現在爸爸是在睡覺。我在這個旅程讀了很多書,。我最喜歡的書是The Chronicles of Narnia: The Last Battle。很好看的!


15/6/08 4:00


273.9 nm to New Cal

Nancy made a small coffee club out of cardboard. She named it Nancy's Coffee Club.

Cameron McRoberts reporting: "Nothing special today. Waves got a bit bigger. Jade will probably arrive at New Cal lon Tuesday. Good night to all."


我們三日前出海。爸爸的朋友阿Jim 也來。



13/6/08 Saturday Halfway between Aussie and New Cal

We're going downwind! We're going downwind! I've waited so long for this!

Weather Report Paragraph:

"A fine sunny day between Australia and New Caledonia. A gentle wind blowing at 7 to 8 knots. It should stay that way for a couple more days. For more info, go to This is Cameron McRoberts reporting. See you next time on weather report paragraph."

Daddy thinks we will get there on Tuesday and Cameron McRoberts never lies.

12/6/08 somewhere between Aussie and New Cal

Lovely night, been reading the Silver Chair (Chronicles of Narnia). Listening to music on the Shuffle. I say, we haven't had a passage as good as this for a long long time.

Now, for the picture of the day:

My favourites: Song: Smooth sung by Rob Thomas, Guitar by Carlos Santana. Place: Fakarava. Where: French Polynesia. With who: Hedda and Marita Forde, and Samantha and Michelle Shovlund.

9/6/08 Manly






Yesterday, I lost a canine tooth. So happy 'cause it's been annoying me all the time.

Daddy's asleep right now. Nothing special going on.

4/6/08 布里斯本


There was once a lady of Niger

Who smiled as she rode on a tiger

They returned from the ride

With the lady inside

And a smile on the face of the tiger








2/6/08 布里斯本

這幾天天氣不好,每天都下雨。我們很久不見的朋友,阿 Morgan,昨天邀請我們去科學館。我們說:「好啊,好啊!」阿媽,妹妹和我都踏單車去。我很喜歡踩單車,所以我每天都問媽:「可不可以去踩單車呢?」

我們沿著河邊踩,經過Streets Beach, 很好玩啊呀




5 /5 / 08 布里斯本

今天,我們一家人去了市中心。今天是星期日, 所以市中心有更多人。幾天前,媽媽買了我一隻澳洲野狗玩具。我很喜歡牠!

Yesterday, Mummy, Nancy and I went across the Story Bridge to Chinatown. Chinatown was not that good, so we stayed there only for a little while and then back to Jade.

The day before yesterday, we were in a mall on Queens Street. There, Mummy got me a cute little stuffed dingo, which I named Byron Diego Highfield.

About a weeek ago, we went to a museum called The Queensland Museum. it was really cool! The thing I liked best in the museum was a Muttaburrasaurus fossil. Muttaburrasaurus is a hadrosaur, and Muttaburrasaurus has two pouch-like thing on it's nose that can make trumpeting noises.






幾日前,我們去一個很大的博物館。 我在博物館最喜歡地方是科學中心。我在科學中心最喜歡的東西是一個好像把你的頭放上的展品,很有趣的話!! 媽媽,妹妹和我都搶著要試。科學中心也有一個旋轉椅。我在椅上團團轉,很想嘔啊!


12 May 08

This week not exactly exciting, but I'll say as much as I can.

About a week ago, Jade got hauled up onto land and where we got onto ground is also where we aer now and is called Rivergate. Rivergate is about forty-five minutes from Brisbane City-Center. i am still doing homeschool. Enough boring talk. The day before yesterday we went to Nick's for a night. The main reason was to go there for a BBQ. I had a lot of shortbread and cream cookies for dessert! The next day we went to the Chinatown in Sunnybank and brought a lot of stuff! then we came back here. Well, that's pretty much it.

二零零八年五月十一日  母親節


我們在這個乾塢一個星期了。我會在這裡踏單車、打羽毛球和滾軸溜冰。我很喜歡這裏。我們昨天到Nick McQueen 的家。Nick 和他的太太Lesley 有一隻貓,牠叫做Charlie。牠很可愛的話! nik 和Lesley有兩個兒子,他們是叫做Thomas 和Alexander。 我很喜Lesley為我們預備的床褥,軟綿綿,很舒服啊!我很喜歡Nick 的家


上星期,我們在Mooloolaba再見Hedda 和Marita, 我很開心

7 Jan 08  Bundaberg

On new years eve, Mummy and I went to the aquarium. We saw so many fish! We even saw a saltwater crocodile! We also saw Australia's most endangered shark, the grey nurse shark.

On new year's eve night, we went to blue marlin, which was at a lovely beach, near the harbour bridge. We had loads of fun, running up and down the beach, swimming, building sand castles, making a bed of sand on a large rock, eating, building a hut, and finding secret hideouts. At 9 am, the kids fireworks started. It was so beautiful! I liked the grand finale best. That was when they let out all the different types of fireworks out at the same time. After the kids fireworks, we went back to Blue Marlin. There, we watched half of the movie Runaway Bride, then we had dessert. At midnight, we watched the Adults fireworks(we were allowed to stay up late, but Nancy fell asleep) it was even better than the kids fireworks! This time, there were firework coming out of the bridge too! Then ZZZ.

21 Dec 07 Lake Haven, near Sydney

On our way to Sydney, we stopped at Barry and Ietje's house in Lake Haven, near Newcastle. It was ENORMOUS!!! There were, inside, 5 bathrooms, 3 big bed rooms, a huge kitchen, and even an escalater!!!! ( mum: it was a lift) They even owned a Wollemi pine in their backyard. It wasn't very big, but they can grow to 15 meters wide and 30 meters high! Wollemi pines have existed on earth for 200 Million years!!!!!!!! That's around the early Jurrasic!

Reptile Park

Yesterday, we went to a Reptiles Park. It was cool. We saw lots of reptiles including a few mammals. Here are some of the animals we saw: Owls, koalas, black cokatoos, dingoes, kangaroos, saltwater crocodiles, american alligators, huge pythons and some smaller snakes, big and small tortoises., and some big, ugly spiders.

We had lunch there and then looked at the rest. And then, before we knew it, it was time to go home.

Wednesday 3 October 2007  Brisbane  Sunny

Last Saturday, the day we left Hong Kong, Mummy took us to Toys R Us so we can buy ourselfes a present. i brought a Belle Diary, which is actually not a game, but a personal organiser! I wanted something else but I thought of waht mummy said to me, "you don't get things you don't need. " So I got a Belle Diary instead, because, acutally, I was pretty interested in it. We wee able to buy our presents ourselves because we were rich in Hong Kong money, oh, and by the way, nancy got a My little Pony called Velvet. When we left Toys R UsS, I was very happy!

The Tryphena Herald:

Sports: England vs Samoa, England wins!

Weather: "Well folks, according to what it is like outside, it is going to be sunny for the rest of the day. "

Chinese Horoscope. This year is the year of the .... Pig!

Tuesday 25 September 2007  Gatwick Airport   Weather: rainy

The Wedding has pasted, the happiness and joy (And present giving) can never be found again, because, you see, every wedding is unique, that's why I said these things. (When I said "present giving, I was a bit upset because they didn't thank us , I mean me they forgot to thank me, but they thanked Nancy. But I think they wanted to thank me, so they are forgiven.)

OK, at the church, everyone was silent, except the priest, of course. I was so happy I nearly cried. (Personally, I thought that the time at the church was really embarrassing. ) I missed the kissy bit, though. Then we went to Lords of the Manor, the country hotel which we stayed in ( Actually, Daddy, Mum , nancy and I got a suit upstairs, which was the actually the largest room) we partied all the way to midnight. there were giant pick up sticks, chess, dominoes etc. Nancy and I watched a movie, and I danced all night.  The end

Thursday 20 September 2007  Lowerfield Farm, Cotswolds, rainy/sunny

The day after tomorrow is my brother's marriage day, I am so excited! We got our bridesmaids dresses fitted. They were very beautiful.

The farm is owned by a couple and their two children, Meredith and Darius. Meredith is four and Darius is three. Darius is adopted. he is half Japanese, half Iranian. Their parents are called Gareth and Sue. Gareth is from Wales and Sue is from England (here). The farm is lots of fun. There is a large cage full of the cutest rabbits, a guinea pig and a cope full of hens.

The daily Tryphena Herald:

Weather:bad and rainy. Sports: None

Game section: Your Horoscope:

Aquarius 21 January- 19 February Pisces 20 Feb-20 Mar Aries Mar 21-20 April Taurus 21 Apr-21 May, Gemini 22 May-21 June, Cancer 22 June-23 July, Leo 24 July- 23 Aug, Virgo 24 Aug-23 Sept, Libra 24 Sept-23 Oct Scorpio 24 Oct- 22 Nov, Sagittarius 23 Nov- 22 Dec, Capricorn 23 Dec -20 Jan. My Horoscope is Pisces.

Tuesday, 18 September 2007 Aldershot, England, sunny

Yesterday, we had a wedding celebration (an early one) at Ann's house. Ann is daddy's x-wife.

The actual wedding day is this Saturday, I can't wait. It will be so much fun!

At Ann's house, I thought up a little Evening Entertainment" I told Ben , my brother who is the person getting married) to go in the computer room. and I told him noit to come out until he was told. So then, I collected lots of confetti,that was covering the table and then I climbed on the sofa and said, " ladies and gentlemen, please give a big cheer to the groom of the wedding we've all been waiting for, Benjamin Highfield!" Then Ben came out, the next thing heard was everyone clapping. Then I said, " Ann and Arni, come out and give your son a nice big hug!" Daddy and Ann came out and did give him a big hug. I never blushed so much!

Tuesday 11 September 2007 sunny, Charlotte's house, Aldershot, England, season: winter

Welcome to the cold climates of England!

Finally, we can take up the loft! It's pretty big, with a broken down TV, three toy star wars people, two small seties, and two beds that Charlotte had set up for us.

So far, we had only stayed here one day and one night. So far, I like this house a lot. And there is another thing in this room, a Nintendo 65 and a Play Station. Charlotte said she might start up the Nintendo 65 so we can play Mario.

Daddy said we will see Sarah ( another of my sisters) today. She should be here by now, but she isn't. I don't think we are going to see her today.

My brother Benjamin (we call him Ben Ben) is getting married soon with his girlfriend Kate. I am very excited. Nancy and I are going to be bridesmaids again. That's it for today, Bye-bye.

Saturday 8 September 2007  Hong Kong Sunny.

We are leaving tomorrow, around midnight.

Last night, I went to see fireflies with Terence (my uncle), my Grandfather and Nancy. It was really cool. We also saw the most disgusting bugs on the planet: cockroaches and "fart bugs" (as I named it)

At the fireflies place, we took a walk to see some giant moths on the walk, a girl got stung hard by some insect (we were with a group of people). I started to be afraid, because I didn't want to get stung, but I didn't get stung.

Anyway, we finished the walk and started our walk and started our walk out of the forest. We sawa few fireflies on the way and Nancy made a friend. Soon afterwards, we got out. The tour guide called a couple of taxis and then, we were home.

Friday 7 September 2007  Hong Kong sunny


We are leaving the day after tomorrow.G

Okay, now we can get down to the weather:

Today,is bright and sunny, a perfect day to get wet. Alright, that all of the weather for today. Now we can get down to sports:

I went swimming yesterday (bet you know that). anyway, I swam for about, well, 45 minutes, 45 beautiful minutes.

Okay, it's down to what we are about to learn.

We (Nancy and I) are about to be taught how to knit by our Grandmother. My Mum taught me once, but I don't remember how. Anyway, that's all for today. Bye-bye!

Thursday 6 September 2007   Hong Kong   sunny


I can go swimming, swimming, swimming! I can go swimming. It's good luck, isn't it?

Tonight, we are going to Emily's house for dinner. Emily is my life-long friend. Today is so cool !!!

Yesterday, Emily gave me a small toy horse. I like it a lot. I gave it the longest and best name I can think of:

Vanessa Gabriella Lightning. (花艾沙家比亞娜閃電) Like it?

Sports news of the day:

My most popular sports: swimming, badminton and playing.

What's your favourite sport

Wednesday 5 September 2007   Hong Kong   sunny

Yesterday, I went to a party at Pizza Hut, where I was going to see my kindergarden friends. it was lots of fun. The girls didn't bring anything, but the boys were prepared for some fun under the air-conditioning. They brought a pack of normal playing cards, a pack of monster cards, a boardgame and two gameboy-like electric games. But still, the girls had ideas of their own (the girls group including me). The girls played with only one boy, which was probably older than any of the girls. We played spy, and I guarded the door of our " secret hideout". I said, " Welcome" if any of the members wanted to come in and I said "see you againsoon" If any members want to go out, but if someone wants to come in but was not a member, I will shut the door and start to do beeping sounds, which atract atention. it was lots of fun. I thought of an idea, which was making guns out of straws and soon all the "spys" had their own straw gun, and then, before I knew it, it was time to go. i will never forget this day.

Tuesday  4 September 2007   Hong Kong   rainy/sunny

I'm still a little sick. So I'm most likely to NOT go swimming. Nancy's got a blister on her lip (great!) It's still as hot as ever.

I'm happy because... I'm going to see my kindergarten friends at Pizza Hut at three o'clock. I'm lucky, lucky, lucky!

I still haven't got that tamagotchi I wanted. I keep talking about it because I want it very much. i mean, most of my friends have tamagotchis, I don't (other people always have the things I always wanted)

I have not told Mummy about it, but I know she will say, "I won't let you." I don't if I don't get it, though.

Monday 3 September 2007   Hong Kong   sunny


(Sad violin music in the background)

My most private thought has been discovered. She even told Daddy that I wanted a tamagotchi for chrismas.


Saturday  1 September 2007

Welcome to Hong Kong! It's very hot , but I'm happy.

Now, can I tell you how mean Nancy (my sister) has been last month? You won't believe it! We were planning to trade some stuff but in the end, I end up with nothing! because I need to give my stuff to her first and then, she punches my  several times and walk away with my stuff! And sometimes, we argue, and Nancy always, tells Mummy, "It was my thing!" and Mummy usually trusted Nancy

Bad luck News of the day!

I caught cold. It's so unfair! other people can do things I want to do but I can't. Nancy can, but I can't. It's so unfair!.

Wednesday 29 August 2007   cloudy  Sydney, Australia

Yesterday, we went to Sydney Opera House. We did go inside, but we can only see the whole of the inside by booking a tour, but still, it was pretty impressive on the outside.

Last night we saw an eclipse of the moon! At about 8 o'clock, the moon started to turn red, because the earth passed between the moon and the sun. It was really cool.

Today, a cleaner came. Her name was Maria and she was from Beijing. She is staying here for about 4 hours. She can only speak English and Mandarin. Byron and Winnie don't like Maria very much, so they stay with Hillary, Susie's mother (Susie is Paul's wife) next door. When Maria leaves, the dogs come back.

When we go back to HK (Hong Kong) I'm going to eat 100000000000 barbeque pork buns!

Monday 27 August 2007  Sydney  sunny

It is winter in Australia right now. Most of the time it's cold, but today, it's pretty warm. I am doing homework right now. (eeeeewww). Here, Yellow cockatoos and Rainbow Parakeets are common. They are both exstremly beautiful. We are styaing at Paul's house right now. Paul is Daddy's friend. We have not seen him for 5 years.

Yesterday, Daddy said we might go to the Sydney Opera House today.

We washed Hippoty and Chloe (our stuffed hippos) today. They are drying of now.

Paul has two dogs called Byron and Winnie. Byron and Winnie are a type of dog called Pomeranians. Byron is 8 (same age as me), his favourite food was meat. He let's people pat him all the time, but people must pat him one by one, still , he is very friendly. Winnie is 7. She has some kind of sickness and is pretty shy. Sometimes she throughs up. Sometimes she let's people pat her, so she is also quite friendly.



Monday 13 August 2007,  Suva, Fiji        Weather: cloudy/sunny

Three days ago (10 August) we went to Colo-i-Suva. It is a forest.  It was really big, about six kilometres. At first, the path was very visible. After a while, the path became more and more difficult to see. Sometimes, we need to hop on stones to cross streams, we can also cross streams on adventure bridges. On the bridges, people have to go on one at a time. They are lots of fun. We went with Tigger (Peter and Tony) They cheated (because they had walking sticks). Once, we nearly lost Daddy and Nancy because they were fast walkers. We were heading to the children's pool. We past many other pools on the way and I kept on saying, " Is this it?".  Finally, we came to a big pool with quite a lot of people there. It was the children's pool. We met a girl called Jessica there. She was seven and was from New Zealand. She was very nice. At the kid's pool, there is a big swing. People have to climb a big tree to get to the swing.  The only problem was taht the pool was  ice cold. We had a little swim, then we dryed ourselfs as quickly as we can. We walked for a little while and suddenly we saw a big heap of rubbish in front of us. We saw a policeman on patrol and asked him if he knew anything about it. He said no, but he did lead us out of the forsest (which we intended to do). On the way out, we saw lots of flowers, including shy grass.  Then we got out of the forest, and waited about 15 minutes for the bus. The forest was lots of fun.


Friday 3 August 2007, Suva, Fiji         Weather: cloudy/sunny



Monday 23 July 2007, Place: Suva, Fiji        Weather: rainy

The day before yesterday, we went to a fair called Showcase. There was a Ferris wheel, a jumping castle, a couple of things that can make you sick or even through up (eeeeeww, but we didn't go on them), some little motorbikes. Showcase took up a whole stadium to use as a market. We went on the ferris wheel, the jumping castle and the motorbikes. We also saw a show of Burl the Bubble-man. He was so amazing, he can blow bubbles with his hands, he can chop them without popping them, he can pull another bubble out of one bubble, and he even trapped a kid in a huge bubble.


Sunday, 15 July 2007, place: Suva, Fiji        Weather: rainy

Today, we went to a Chinese restaurant called "Capital Palace" for breakfast.  We had lots of dim sum, such as the following: Cha siu bao (My favourite type of food), vegie dumplings, fung chao (chicken feet), egg tarts, shiu mai, and fried noodles. We walked back to the marina.