What's it like on QEII                                                 more photos

The ship was commissioned in1969, so it's pretty old, but not as old as the people on board. The QEII 2005 world voyage cruised the world in 110 days, and apparently 10 died of old age during the time and it's a record low!

The boat, although is old and not grand - definitely no Titanic style. I choose to describe it as pragmatically elegant, although my husband would insist it's luxurious. Service-wise, it is, There have been 1600 passengers on the ship, and 1000 staff. Staff are all friendly and the food is always good.  We particularly loved our restaurant - the Caronias, and the team of staff that served our table everyday: Kryzstov, Bala and Sabina. Facilities-wise, it's got basically everything, but entertainment tends to cater for the need of the senior population. 

Due to a lack of kids (during our journey, we hit a record high of having 11, and of similar age group as well), Molly and Nancy are amongst the few who were treated near royals.

The cruise manager tries very hard to put together a show every night on top of all the activities and entertainment around the boat during the day. It's hard, but we saw some really good ones, especially the Opera Babes, a a pair of ladies who sang the British Airway theme song.

Despite all the criticism, we had a lovely and enjoyable 40 days and made some new friends on the way.