Suez Canal, Egypt     5-4-2005                                              more photos

One of the highlights of the journey was passing through the 100 mile Suez Canal linking the Red Sea and the Mediterranean. I was deeply involved in doing some video editing in my room, which nearly caused a family dispute when Arni came in the room and spitefully remarked, 'we are passing the Suez Canal and you waste your time editing old videos!' It was true, so I quickly gathered a jacket and went with him on deck, and how windy it was! Started construction in 1859 and opened in 1869, the Canal shortens the maritime distance from northern Europe to India and Far East by 4,000 miles. Apparently as early as 600 BC, Pharaoh Necho submitted the first documented plan of this canal and the designs were believed to have drawn up even earlier than that. As we sailed past the canal, we saw different things on both sides, including a collapsed bridge, which is the remain of the wars between the Arab states and Israel in 1967, some nice houses and resorts, lots of millitary points and container vessels, and many people who wave and ran along the banks or even rowed toward us to have a better look of the QEII. Despite my only hour on deck to witness the passage, and not a glance by the children who chose stay in the nursery as usual the whole day, we were all issued a nice certificate afterwards for passing the Suez Canal.