Singapore     14-3-2005                                             more photos

Singapore was a lot more different. We all know it's neat and clean, but we were even more happy to find the Duck Tour that showed us the city on land and water on an amphibian 'duck'. The vehicle was from the Vietnam War. When the company first got it, it had two bullet holes in its windscreen! It was a bumpy ride on land, but getting into the water, despite all the warning from the guide, was very smooth, and we had a nice tour in the harbour. 

We were also very glad to have introduced Molly and Nancy to satay. We've eaten so much in Singapore, we'd literally rushed to Newton Circuit (an outdoor food court which will be closed soon)1 hour before the Duck Tour to have satay, then rushed to Lau Pat Sat (a popular indoor food court) to have some more after the tour.

On the way back to the ship, we got trouble getting a taxi. What doubled the trouble was we did not take a note of the ship terminal's name. It was Singapore's container terminal, as the passenger terminal was too small for the QEII. However, nobody believed us we were going to the container terminal for this big cruise ship. So the taxi driver took us to the wrong place only to find that the berth was empty. At last, we got back just in time before QEII was due to leave. You just cannot imagine the amount of relief I had, as QEII is known to leave late passengers behind. So much rushing about and the children were all tired out, but the next thing we knew was that QEII had encountered an engine problem. We were grounded in Singapore for another day...