Salalah, Oman     29-3-2005

Salalah is the second largest city in Oman. It didn't look that, as it seemed a lot more built-up and had  a lot more attractions to it. Even the roundabouts in the roads are carefully designed and landscaped. We joined a Cunard tour, and the tourist guide was the only one I've ever seen who didn't look at the passengers when talking. He just sat in his seat, gazing out to the windscreen, and babbled information as we proceeded.

Oman is so rich from its oil reserve that people do not need to pay tax. They also enjoy free education and medical care. Most people work for the government from 7am-2pm. So now I understand why everybody doesn't really seem to care to much about service quality. Despite that, it was a good tour. We saw some fishing towns, an old fort, and even did a bit of 'grave-sweeping' at the tomb of the ....We liked Salalah.  

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