Muscat, Oman     27-3-2005                                        more photos

Musat is the capital city of Oman. When QEII approached its port in Mutrah, a town 15 minutes away from the captial, we saw one of the most stunning landscapes. Stretching in front of us was a continous span of barren rocks and mountains lined in the front by small low houses. We were eager to get off, but to find the town was kind of 'dead' in the afternoon, as it was too hot to work.

banks were opened but they looked closed. Men wear long white gowns and short round hat roaming the street. We quickly changed some money and got a taxi to go to Muscat. Knowing that we are from the QEII, taxi drivers awaiting near the port asked us a ridiculous amount for a short trip. We took a small road and got a better driver. We got off at the royal palace by the sea, saw the old Muscat port and the countless number of forts, did a bit of walking and went back to Mutrah to visit the Mutrah Souq. The market has fascinating alleyways packed with shops selling local products, especially frankincense. Muscat is beautiful and clean, but I can't help feeling a bit bored there, especially after spending over an hour in a 56K internet cafe achieving very little. So I was quite prepared to back to the boat for a nice dinner.