Cairo, Egypt     4-4-2005                                    more photos

In Egypt, we did the Pyramids and the Sphinx. We tried walking into one of the pyramids, but the tunnel was too steep, stuffy and dark.  5 minutes into it, the children were yelling 'I am scared', and we quickly turned back. Having seen these great civlisation remains, it was perhaps more funny to see how the travel police shooed away the many filthy kids selling sovenirs  to tourist. Lunch on the Nile on the boat restaurant Maxim was great, and that compensated for the lack of time for sight-seeing earlier. On the way back, just like the way out, the 20 coaches from QEII  were escorted by a few police vehicles and left together for the port of Sohkna. Sohkna is a new port, (operated for about 5 years) and was the first time it ever had any tourist disembarking. Security was tight because of tourists attacks previously in Egypt. Actually, 2 days after we've left, two tourist died in a bomb attack in the old market in Cairo. It was a shock to many passengers who went there, but it is still a place we'd like to visit again, especially the boat trip between Luxor and Aswan in the southern part of the country.