Dubai     26-3-2005                                                        more photos

When we reached Dubai, the sea was rough. Arni eye-witnessed a tug boat, which was supposed to help pushed QEII into the port, rammed into its side instead. The ship could not get into the harbour. Whilst hundreds of passengers who were to land at Dubai left stranded on the ship with quite a few missing their connecting flights home, some 600 passengers waited helplessly at the port to get on, only to be informed hours later that they needed to be transported into a hotel 2 hours away that night as the ship just couldn't dock.

Arni had a stomach bug attack the night before, and he needed to be quarantined in the room for a day. So I took M & N out to Dubai. A very clean and advanced city with lots to see, but offers 'arrogant' service. I spent over an hour in a big internet place, half of the time was waiting for a bloke to burn me a CD. Anyway, we found a Children's City near the Creek, where the children hugely enjoyed, then had a quick taxi tour along the Creek and to the Dubai Museum. We'll definitely go back there again.