Colombo, Sri Lanka  19-3-2005

Molly's joint birthday with Danika on the ship 20-3-2005                                        more photos

It was Molly's 6th birthday when we arrived at Colombo in Sri Lanka. The taxi union there forbade Cunard to arrange shuttle bus service from the ship to town, so we were forced to take taxi. After some negotiation, we ended up with Robin, a nice old guy who speaks some English. From the port, he took us on his non-air-conditioned van to go to the Pinnawala elephant orphanage. It is the first place in the world where we saw vehicles driving on both sides of the road. The 'highway' connecting the country's 2 biggest cities: Colombo and Kandy, resembles an A road in the UK.  Driving at an average speed of about 40 km, that 3-hour journey was the hottest, but the most fascinating and eye-opening (eye-popping rather) experience we've had.